I'm Levi. I love girls and anime. That's it.

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  1. League of Legends


Get to know me- [4/5] Anime series

Code Geass:
"The world can not change with pretty words alone."

Cosplay Help Master Post


Basically I have a bunch of Tutorials that need to be put into one nice Masterpost that will be updated whenever I can.

(All credit goes to the owners of the tutorials!!)

Beginner Help

Cosplay Crash Course - x

A Guide to Conventions - x

Conventions and Your Stomach - x

How to Budget for Cosplay  - x 

How to Start Cosplaying - x

Everything About Sewing

Sewing Tips and Tricks - x

How to Use Fabric Paint - x

Sewing Language - x

Gathering Fabric - x

All About Interfacing - x

Finishing Seams - x

Kimono Sleeves - x

Button Holes - x 

Sailor Collar Tutorial - x

Introduction to Sewing - x


Buying Wigs - x

How to Cut Wigs - x

Elsa Wig Tutorial - x

How to Dye a Wig - x

Restoring Your Wig/Washing it - x

Where to Buy Wigs - x x x 


All About Circle Lenses - x

How to Open the Stupid Containers - x

Where to Buy Contacts - x x

 Skirt Tutorials 

Circle Skirt - x x

Half Circle Skirt - x

Gathered Skirt - x

Tulle Skirt - x

Maxi Skirt - x

Pencil Skirt - x

Ruffley Petticoat/Skirt - x

Pleated Skirt - x


Basic Cosplay Makeup - x x

Coloring Your Eyebrows - x

Make Your Own Lipstick - x

covering up tattoos (x)

MTF Cosplay

MTF Makeup - x

FTM Cosplay

Make Your Own Binder - x

Affordable Binders - x

FTM Makeup - x

Other useful tutorials

invisible shoes (x)

Every comment on my Steam profile is insulting me. Incredible.

Every comment on my Steam profile is insulting me. Incredible.

[4.11.1999 - 10.11.2014]
Naruto: an infographic; 

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My cute coworker that I have a crush on said I look cute with glasses today and a random other cute girl wanted a selfie with me because she thought I was really cute. 

I need to wear glasses more often.

What the fuck honestly who made this guy’s mask? You can hardly even tell when he puts it on it’s so shitty


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (1989)


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (1989)

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anime is gross

WTF??? Recon Corps, get your 3D Maneuver Gear!!! Kill La Killers, get your Senketsus!!!! Bleaches get your Bankai!!! Dangan Ronpas, get your teddy bears!! Sword Art Online players, get your disposable female characters